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The CPX Menu System (Cross-Platform XNA Menu System) is library that can be used to make functional and attractive menus and other UI for XNA projects aimed at the PC or Xbox 360. Includes a stand-alone editor application that can be used to design and preview menu projects.

The source code repository includes 4 projects:
  • CPXMenu, the XNA Game Library project where the actual core functionality is implemented (PC and Xbox360 versions included)
  • CPXMenuEditor, the PC-only editing app used for designing menu projects for use in games.
  • CPXMenuImporter, which contains a ContentImporter, ContentProcessor, and ContentTypeWriter that allows you to add a menu project to a Content project and load it through the ContentManager at runtime.
  • CPXMenuSample, a very simple sample application that demonstrates how to use the CPXMenu library and implement the logic for a menu project (PC and Xbox360 versions included)

Below is a screenshot of the editor in action:


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